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            Install ScoutDNS Certificate for Browser HTTPS Errors

            When a site or domain is blocked by ScoutDNS, a block page is served to the end user in place of the requested domain. If the requested domain was encrypted with HTTPS, then a security error will occur. In order to resolve this and receive a valid block page for HTTPS sites, you must install the ScoutDNS Root Certificate for block pages.

            HTTPS Block Page Error

            Manual Windows System Install:

            Step 1: Download and open the Certificate. Select "Install Certificate".

            Click Install Certificate

            Step 2: Select "Local Machine" and then select "Next"

            Step 3: Choose "Place all certificate in the following store" and then select "Trusted Root Certificate Authorities".

            Step 4: Select "Finish" and you are done.

            Install Security Certificate with Active Directory GPO

            Step 1: Download the ScoutDNS certificate.
            Step 2: Open Administrative Tools and Select Group Policy Management 
            Step 3: Right click and create a new policy called ScoutDNS Certificate from withing the console tree under the top level of the domain.
            Step 4: Select Group Policy Objects in the domain containing the ScoutDNS Certificate Group Policy object (GPO) you want to edit.
            Step 5: From within the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC), go to "Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Public Key Policies".
            Step 6: Select/Right-click the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store.
            Step 7: Click Import and follow the steps in the Import Wizard to import the downloaded certificate.

            The root certificate is now in the Active Directory Trusted Root Certification Authorities container and will be downloaded to any computer that joins the domain.

            Manual Mac OS X Install 

            Step 1: Download the certificate from within the application. 
            Step 2: Double click to open the certificate file.
            Step 3: In Add Certificate windows select "Always Trust".
            Step 4: Right click on the ScoutDNS certificate and select "Always Trust".

            You are finished.

            Updated: 24 Mar 2019 10:39 PM
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