YouTube Restricted Mode Explained

YouTube Restricted Mode Explained

ScoutDNS supports YouTube's restricted modes to provide a level of content control on the YouTube platform. While individual videos cannot be allowed or blocked at the URL level, Google G Suite users can approve individual videos for users within the same G Suite domain.

YouTube safe mode settings made in ScoutDNS are applied at the network level for all users however, G Suite account settings always override network settings. 

All YouTube video restrictions are set by YouTube's own and proprietary algorithm made in part by automation and user reports. 

You do not need to be a G Suite user in order to restrict YouTube content. ScoutDNS supports three YouTube restriction levels:

Strict —This setting is the most restrictive. Strict Mode does not block all videos, but works as a filter to screen out many videos based on an automated system, while leaving some videos still available for viewing. This setting is generally recommended for elementary school age kids.

Moderate — This is similar to Strict Mode but makes a much larger collection of videos available. This setting is more appropriate for high school age students. 

Unrestricted — This means both Strict and Moderate are off. Only apply this setting if you want to allow users in your organization to have unrestricted YouTube access.

Both Strict and Moderate disable Live streaming and comments

YouTube restriction modes are very sticky and can hang in both Browser and Application level cache. You may need to flush DNS cache, browser cache, and browser application cache if your device is stuck despite a change in setting. 

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