Security Categories

Security Categories

Adware is software that automatically displays unwanted ads in order to generate revenue for the adware's authors. These ads display as banner ads or as an ad displayed during an installation. There are security concerns with adware since it can track personal information and this information can be sold to a third party.
Infected Hosts
These are compromised hosts that could be distribution points for malicious software or used for DDOS attacks

Malicious Scripts
This Category blocks domains with URLS using JavaScript code that is obfuscated or hidden. This code may modify a user's system and compromise security.

This Category blocks domains containing general Malware such as ransomware, keyloggers, worms, trojans, and spyware. This category also blocks known ransomware command and control domains.

This contains domains that are known or suspected phishing sites - often for financial fraud, credential theft, or identity theft. 

This blocks domains associated with known computer viruses. 

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