Content Categories

Content Categories

Below is a list of Content Categories and their descriptions.



These are sites that offer arguments that are either in favor of or against abortions. This includes information on abortion procedures as well as sites that offer assistance in obtaining abortions and those that advise against it.

This contains information about alcoholic products and accessories. Websites that promote or support liquor sales, hangover cures and other side effects of alcohol are also included.

Criminal Skills
This includes sites with instructions or methods that promote, encourage, or provide skills considered to be illegal, criminal, violent or harmful to the general public, and are forbidden by law. This can include questionable material and sites that promote nonviolent, unethical, or dishonest behavior such as academic cheating, or software hacking/key breaking. This does not necessarily reflect the laws of any particular region or country.

This includes sites that are considered far from normal and are categorized for their degree of intensity. The content features or promotes intentional, direct, and deliberate violence and destruction or the alteration of the human body and other living creatures. These sites may depict or promote torture, self-inflicted harm, mutilation, or other dangerous activities. Images and information that advocate and glorify eating disorders, suicide, death, gore, injuries or sites that feature grotesque or frightening descriptions are also included.

This includes sites that encourage or provide information on the wagering or risking of money or any valuables on a game, contest, or other event in which the outcome is partially or completely dependent upon chance or on one's abilities. Sites that promote or facilitate gambling information, as well those that are purely factual and strategic sites that promote cheating are also included. This excludes sites that are clearly support sites for gambling addiction as well as travel destinations site that do not enable gambling.

Hate Speech
These sites portray views that are written, verbal, or illustrated, and are intentionally offensive to the general public. The intent of these sites is to degrade, intimidate, or incite violent or prejudicial actions against individuals based on race, ethnic affiliation, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or profession. Advocacy or instructional sites that promote the harming of individuals or groups and encourage or promote peer abuse, videos of physical assaults, written harassment and threats are also included.

Intimate Apparel
This contains sites that offer the sale, information or description of intimate apparel, swimsuits or other type of suggestive clothing. Sites selling undergarments, as a subsection of other products offered, are not included.

Match Making
Match Making is the process of introducing people for the purpose of establishing a personal relationship with the intent of dating, mating, or forming friendships. This includes dating services sites that offer dating advice, relationship tips, personal listings, and other online dating services. This also includes pet matching sites, but does not include pet breeding sites.

This references sites that are intended to promote the institution of marriage and facilitate the search for an ideal marriage partner based on socio-economic status, religion, educational and professional factors.

This includes sites containing nude or semi-nude depictions of the human body. These depictions are not necessarily sexual in intent or effect, but may include sites containing nude paintings or photo galleries of an artistic nature. Nudist or naturist sites that include pictures of nude individuals will fall under here as well as 'Alternative Lifestyles'.

This contains sites that study the secret or hidden knowledge, and includes any URLs discussing cults, occult lore, vampires, astrology, witchcraft, mysterious symbols, supernatural forces or events, and other phenomena beyond ordinary understanding. It also includes information and instructions on astrology, spells, curses, magic powers, satanic or supernatural beings.

Pay to Surf
This includes sites that reward users for Internet activities such as viewing, clicking on, or reading specific links, emails or web pages. Payments for these sites are made in the form of currency, website credits or prizes.

This contains URLs that reference, discuss, or display pornographic images, videos, or other sexually oriented material that is created for the purpose of arousing sexual interest. Soft and hard-core pornography, sadomasochism, bestiality, child porn, fetishes, erotic stories, adult magazines, sex toys, or any other sexual related products are included.

This heavily contains words that are generally considered obscene, vulgar, or derogatory. This includes the use of so-called "four letter words", racist or sexist terms, and objectionable sexual references.

Substance Abuse
These sites provide information about or promote the use of prohibited, illegal, controlled, or regulated substances for recreational rather than medicinal use. It can include sites that sell, encourage or advocate the use of any substance that produces hallucinations, as well as the cultivation, manufacture, and distribution of any intoxicant and related paraphernalia. Informational sites that are clearly intended to provide descriptions of drugs and substances, their negative effects, and addiction potential are not included.

This contains sites that offer, support, promote and advocate the sale and use of tobacco or related products. All information on cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco and associated paraphernalia will fall under here.

This includes sites that provide information related to the promotion, support, sale, or discussion of weapons and any related device used in combat that can injure or kill, such as guns, knives, or swords. Information on how to build weapons or bombs will also be included in 'Criminal Skills'.




This is for sites that provide information about online advertisements, advertising graphics, banner ads, ad content files and other marketing materials. If you choose to block this, many portal pages may appear broken because the advertisements are being blocked while the main content will still display.

Alternative Lifestyles
This includes sites that reference topics on habits or behaviors related to social relations, dress, expressions, or recreation that are important enough to significantly influence the lives of a sector of the population. It can include the full range of non-traditional sexual practices, interests and orientations. Some sites may contain graphic images or sexual material with no pornographic intent.

This includes sites that provide local classifieds to buy, sell or trade items such as cars, services, housing and jobs.

This includes sites that provide educational information and activities that impact knowledge or skills. It also includes sites that contain information on educational institutions, faculties, distance learning, trade schools and other educational programs.

This includes sites that study or provide information on the relationships between living organisms and their natural habitat. This includes the impact of human activity on the natural world. Environmental changes and issues such as weather, geography, and agriculture are included.

General News
These sites contains various forms of journalism and involves the reporting of current events by local, regional or mass media in the form of newspapers, television, radio programs, and news sites.

This category contains sites that provide general health information, advice or support for an individual or a group to better them economically, intellectually, physically, or emotionally. Support groups, medical services, facilities and procedures are also included in this category.

Journal and Blogs
This includes electronic diaries or personal chronicles intended for open communication and sharing of thoughts, knowledge, and opinion as well as sites containing personal, literary and culturally oriented publications. It typically does not include electronic forms of mainstream magazines and newspapers.

This includes sites containing rules and guidelines that govern social institutions and behavior that is enforced by a governmental body. Law firms, legal services, lawyers, adoption services, immigration information and services as well as discussions and analysis of legal issues are included.

These are sites that provide information or offer advice about medicinal substances intended to cure, mitigate, treat or prevent a disease. This includes sites that provide information about approved drugs and their impact, as well as, information about supplements and other unregulated compounds. These sites also provide information about, or promote the sale and use of chemicals or naturally occurring compounds that are not regulated.

This contains sites with information on the process and methods of political decision making that includes the affairs of the state. Although it is generally applied to governments, it can also be applied to some corporate, academic, or religious group's interactions.

This contains web sites that provide a single starting point to retrieve a broad set of information from multiple sources. Portals provide a consistent look and could include web searching, news feeds, free-email, discussion groups, online shopping, references, and other services.

Real Estate
This contains sites that provide information on renting, buying, selling or financing real estate properties. These properties can be advertised by the owner, or with the help of a sales agent.
This includes sites that provide information about or promote traditional religions as well as their systems of belief, worship, or conduct and prescribe certain responses to the existence of a God or Gods. URLs related to or dealing with religious beliefs, practices, faith, churches, and worship are also included.

Sex Education
This includes sites that are about the study of human reproduction, sexual intercourse, and other aspects of human sexuality including the various stages of reproduction and conception. Sites can also contain sex advice and information on sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, and abstinence. Although these site contain information with no pornographic intent, some sites may contain graphic images or sexual material

These sites provide or promote information about the development and application of tools, machines, materials, and processes that help solve human problems. Sites sponsored by or providing information about computers, downloads, software, the Internet, and related business firms, including sites supporting the sale or free trial of hardware, software, peripherals, services, and any sites that pertain to technology related content are included.

This includes sites that promote and provide information about travel-related services and the transport of people to any destination for business or pleasure. Discussions of favorite travel destinations, discounts, special events, travel guides, vacations, accommodations, transportation, regulations, and bookings, as well as sites directed toward business travel are included.



This category contains sites sponsored by or devoted to business interests. This includes general business information and management, associations, entrepreneurship, and industry groups. This category does not include shopping sites, or sites that perform services that are defined in another category (such as Information Technology companies, or companies that sell travel services).

These are Internet banking systems that allow users to invest online, view their equity portfolio, and make requests to purchase shares or bonds on their behalf. These sites offer investment newsfeeds and money management or portfolio advice, stock and bond quotes, as well as online trading, credit cards, mutual funds, and insurance.

Job Search
These sites allow people to search and apply for employment positions. This includes sites about resume writing and interviewing skills, career information, classified advertising, job databases, and job application pages. Tools for locating prospective employers as well as sites that offer information about or support the seeking of employment or employees are also included.

Phone Cards
This includes telephone cards that allow users to make local or long distance calls thru a toll free or local number. Web sites that allow users to purchase, renew or access information about telephone cards as well as information about the rates, access numbers or sites that provide users with PIN information are contained in here. It does not include pay as you go cellular or mobile pay-as-go information.

This category contains sites that reference online content such as libraries, educational reference sites, scientific information, business directories, white and yellow pages, maps, censuses, almanacs, formularies, genealogy-related sites, and public statistical data.

This includes any site or page offering consumers the ability to purchase products or services online. In some cases, it may include sites that provide a catalog of products that are offered for sale offline. Online auction sites are included. Classified advertisements belong to the 'Classifieds' category.

Search Engines
This includes tools that helps web users search the Internet using keywords. Many Internet pages offer some form of search function. Blocking this will deny sites whose sole purpose is Internet search.

This category includes sites that provide information about or promote vehicles, boats, or aircraft, including sites that offer repairs, maintenance or road-side assistance or those that support on-line purchases of vehicles or parts.


Arts and Culture
These are sites that promote and provide information about human creativity and the creation of meaningful art that reflects different theories for understanding and valuing the creative process. Websites whose purpose is to display art works and fine art are included as well as sites that provide a learning environment or cultural awareness. Art that includes the human body with an erotic intent is typically included in this as well as the 'Nudity' category.

This contains sites that list, review, discuss, advertize and promote food, restaurants, catering, dining services, cooking and recipes.

Educational Games
This includes sites that offer games that are designed to teach a subject, concept, event, or skill in an entertaining form. These games may be for adults, children, or both. Educational games can be used online as well as in a formal classroom environment or in casual play to reinforce classroom learning or skills development.

This includes sites pertaining to music, recreation, amusements, fan clubs, gossip, celebrities, movies, etc. Personal sites devoted to movies and television shows are also included. Sites that are dedicated to criticizing an entertainer or group are categorized as 'Hate Speech'.

This contains sites that provide information or promote electronic games, computer games, card games, board games, Internet games, etc. Sites that sell board games, journals, and magazines dedicated to game playing as well as strategies, cheats, and any sites that promote game makers, or sellers are included. Some of the games may contain intense, blood and gore, sexual content or strong language.


This contains sites that are intended to entertain or make people laugh. It includes jokes, funny pictures, comic pages, comedy clubs, etc. Some sites may display jokes or graphics of a mature nature.

This includes sites that provide information about or promote any physical activity in which an individual or team competes against another for the recreational purpose of competition or self enjoyment. Sports typically involve team competition and a scoring system.



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