API Access

API Access

API access is available to certain account types.  API access gives admins the ability to self manage API tokens for access to the standard ScoutDNS Operator API.

This help article is about the public operator API. For any other API access such as the OEM API please contact support. 

Create API Token

Access and use of the operator API requires authentication with a token. In order to create a token you must select the API Access Management page from the profile icon at top right.

API Limits

The number of APIs you can create and manage depends on your account subscription level. To generate an API simply select New API at the top right. This will create a new access token that can be copied using the Copy option on the right hand side of the UI.  Operators may revoke and reissue new keys at anytime as needed. 

API Documentation

ScoutDNS maintains official API doc at its online Swagger hub page. You can use this page to track any updates or changes and view available capabilities.  Features and capabilities are subject to change, so please track the official Swagger hub for latest API capabilities. 

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