2FA/MFA - Two Factor Authentication

2FA/MFA - Two Factor Authentication

Enabling 2FA for your account can increase the security for operators accessing your data. ScoutDNS supports token based 2FA and this can be enforced for all operators with access to an account. Once enabled, any operator accessing your account will need to authenticate to ScoutDNS using a token sent to the email account associated to their user ID.  Super Admins have the ability to toggle 2FA on or off in the access management screen.

The 2FA toggle switch is located at the upper right side of the access management settings and can only be seen by Super Admin users. 

Once enabled any operator with access to the account will be required to authenticate with the 6 digit token sent to their email address. Operators can elect to Trust Device which prevents the need for a new token for 30 days at which point the operator will be asked to use a new token at the next login.

If an operator has access to multiple ScoutDNS accounts, the token is valid for any account with 2FA enabled so they will not be asked to enter a new token while their current session is valid. 

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